IntelliBond vs Trace Minerals: A Small Meta-Analysis


A Small Meta-Analysis Examining Effects of IntelliBond vs. Sulfate Trace Minerals on NDF Digestibility

A small meta-analysis has been conducted assessing the effect of IntelliBond vs. sulfate trace minerals by Dr. Barry Bradford and Muhammad Ibraheem at Michigan State University Copper, zinc, and manganese sulfate dissociate quickly in the rumen and release highly reactive free metal ions that harm rumen bacteria and fiber digestibility. Seven studies providing 11 comparisons across a variety of diet types were used in this small meta-analysis examining effects of IntelliBond vs sulfate trace minerals on NDF digestibility with the objective to determine if source of Cu, Zn, and Mn affects NDF digestibility.

The Details

  • Data were analyzed with a mixed-model approach, treating study as a random effect and using dry matter intake, NDF, and dry matter digestibilities as response variables.
  • Factors included to account for variability and possible effects on results included method of digestibility analysis, study design, beef vs. dairy cattle use, trace mineral levels, intake as % of BW, and % NDF in diet.
  • Studies were weighted using the inverse of the SEM.
  • Funnel plots (JASP v. 0.12.2) were used to evaluate the potential for publication bias in the dataset, and the Test of Residual Heterogeneity (Q test) was used to assess whether substantial between-study variation in response existed.
  • When the Q test was significant, predictive variables were tested in the model and retained when P<0.05.

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