How sow feed can generate up to three piglets more

In 2019, pig producer and breeder Dortheasminde decided to go all in to improve the production results in the farrowing section. And the effort paid off.

Through management, mortality dropped, but owner, Søren Kjær Poulsen, believed that more could be done.

Milk cups were installed long ago, and now sow nutrition became the focal point in the attempt to reach better results. Consequently, Søren tried EP199, which he hasn’t regretted:

“It costs us 23,5 EUR for us to use EP199 per sow. We gained three weaned piglets more per year sow. When you do the calculation, an extra 0,7 kilos added per piglet, the extra cost quickly pays off. Moreover, the sows wean 0,7 piglet more per litter. So we save a nursing sow for each 15th sow. It’s easy to figure out that it is good business”.

How does EP199 affect the sow?

Fermented rapeseed and seaweed have a long list of advantages for both the sow and her offspring. The sows utilize the feed better and
convert it into milk. It means that the sow can rear more piglets and that the condition of the sow doesn’t need to be reestablished with extra
feed after milking. Typically the feed consumption will drop by 5-10 % per produced piglet.

Here are some of the most important advantages:

The sucklings grow better due to a greater supply of milk.
The sucklings avoid contamination from the sow, as up to 95 % of the pathogenic bacteria are repressed.
The mineral content in the sucklings blood is higher because EP199 ensures better absorption and utilization of the minerals.
The piglets are resilient because the number of antibodies in the sow colostrum increases by up to 40 %.
The piglets are uniform.
More liveborn piglets, because the supply of oxygen increases for both the sows and the prenatal piglet.
Stronger bones and cartilage for the piglets, due to a high content of digestible phosphorous

+ See the 3 minute video about pig producer Søren and Marlene’s experiences using EP199 for the sows.

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