IntelliBond Trace Minerals Series- Digestibility Feature


Improving Trace Mineral Status of Brood Cows with IntelliBond®

IntelliBond Trial: Brood Cows

IntelliBond trace minerals have strong covalent bonds and a unique crystalline structure that provides a proven source of copper, zinc, and manganese to beef cattle. Advantages of IntelliBond include low rumen reactivity, high bioavailability, and high mineral content.

Trial Objective:

To measure beef cow (3 years of age) performance, as well as trace mineral status, over two calving cycles while grazing trace mineral deficient forage and feeding a salt-based, free-choice mineral. The two different mineral supplements contained iso-levels, but different sources of copper, zinc, and manganese. Both mineral supplements contained 1500 ppm Cu, 4500 ppm Zn, and 3500 ppm Mn. The mineral formulations contained either IntelliBond C, IntelliBond Z, and IntelliBond M or a combination of sulfate (75%) and organic amino acid complexed (25%) sources for copper, zinc, and manganese.

Trial Summary

• There was no difference in mineral consumption.

• Artificial insemination pregnancy rate was improved by feeding 100% IntelliBond (50.6% vs. 44.7%; P=0.28). There was no difference in total pregnancy rate (P=0.93).

• Cow liver copper (Figure 1) and zinc (Figure 2) status improved by feeding 100% IntelliBond

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Precision Nutrition Includes Trace Minerals

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