IntelliBond Trace Minerals Series- Digestibility Feature


IntelliBond Detailer – Manganese (Mn) Trace Mineral Supplementation

The most-researched hydroxy trace minerals. 

IntellBond M

IntelliBond M contributes to healthy bone and cartilage, enzymes, immunity, and fertility. Key characteristics make IntelliBond trace minerals like IntelliBond M unique.

Palatability: IntelliBond M preferred over other Mn sources

Three mineral supplements were offered to beef calves containing either IntelliBond M, manganese sulfate, or organic manganese. Calves overwhelmingly preferred the supplement with IntelliBond M as the source of Mn. Calves prefer supplements with IntelliBond M over supplements containing either manganese sulfate or organic manganeses.

Bioavailability: Increased animal performance

Because IntelliBond M appears to be more bio- available than manganese sulfate (MnSO4), we can see an increase in animal performance. For ex- ample, increased hot carcass weight gain in pigs.

Digestibility: Improved nutrient utilisation

Improved sources of manganese such as IntelliBond M do not have a negative impact on organic matter disappearance in rumen fluid.


Traceability is the capability to follow the history of mineral to a specific lot. Micronutrients provides complete traceability for the manganese in IntelliBond M as part of the IntelliBond Quality Cycle.

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Precision Nutrition Includes Trace Minerals

Precision Nutrition Includes Trace MineralsGiven that feed costs represent 40-70%+ of the total cost of milk production, this article by Dr Heinri Spangenberg is made particularly relevant for those nutritionists and dairy farmers who are serious about precision to achieve optimal profit margins.