IntelliBond Trace Minerals Series- Digestibility Feature


IntelliBond – Leaders in Trace Mineral Nutrition

IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals are designed to maximize bioavailability, driving optimised animal health and productivity.

01  Highly stable, it doesn’t destroy or tie up essential nutrients in the feed

  • Vitamins Enzymes
  • Fats (lipids) Probiotics

02    Superior handling properties

  • Non-hygroscopic, no lumping for easy use, better mixability
  • Greater trace mineral concentration makes IntelliBond® a more efficient product to formulate and Less inventory to store and fewer bags to handle

03    Bioavailability & tolerance

  • Superior feed conversation
  • Superior weight gain and yield

04    Productivity/bio-efficacy

  • Increased bioavailability versus inorganics results in the delivery of significantly more trace mineral to the animal
  • Equivalent bioavailability versus the best performing organic trace minerals
  • IntelliBond® trace minerals are approved for use in organic grown livestock

Copper hydroxychloride as a beneficial tool for broiler production

By Dr Kurt Perryman, technical sales manager, Micronutrients International

As consumers demand a transition away from the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics in broiler production, companies need to explore antibiotic alternatives for the maintenance of broiler health and performance. Where permitted, supplementing copper above the nutritional requirement of the bird, has been demonstrated to improve broiler performance (Miles, 1998). When fed at nutritional levels (~10mg/kg), copper has both structural and catalytic functions in multiple enzyme systems integral to energy metabolism, tissue growth, red blood cell formation, oxidative defence and immunocompetence (Arias and Koutsos, 2006).

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Precision Nutrition Includes Trace Minerals

Precision Nutrition Includes Trace MineralsGiven that feed costs represent 40-70%+ of the total cost of milk production, this article by Dr Heinri Spangenberg is made particularly relevant for those nutritionists and dairy farmers who are serious about precision to achieve optimal profit margins.