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Precision Nutrition Included Trace Minerals

“I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us – everything that exists – proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision. “
– Thomas A. Edison.

With the advent of highly sophisticated information technologies, the laws behind crop and animal production can be measured with mathematical precision. Precision is possibly one of the most outstanding and defining features of best practice in farming today.

According to the US National Institute of Food and Agriculture, “like crop production, animal production economics exhibits small profit margins. This makes the growth, development, reproduction, and well-being of each animal critically important for a profitable enterprise. Current technologies allow producers to monitor individual animal feed consumption, feedlot movement, temperature, lameness, milk production, meat composition and quality, and weight gain—often without any human intervention or presence…”

Given that feed costs represent 40-70% plus of the total cost of milk production, this article by Dr Heinri Spangenberg is made particularly relevant for those nutritionists and dairy farmers who are serious about precision to achieve optimal profit margins.


A closer look at trace minerals

IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals are designed to maximize bioavailability, driving optimised animal health and productivity. Watch the video for a closer look at trace minerals.


IntelliBond trace minerals for dairy cattle

Trace minerals support an array of biological functions required for proper immune function, reproduction, and growth. Read more about the importance of trace minerals for dairy cattle.

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