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Isotonic: An Isotonic Drink for Pigs

TONISITY‘ has its roots in ‘isotonic‘ which is a key feature of Tonisity’s first product, Tonisity Px. This scientific approach characterises Tonisity‘s dedication to supporting veterinarians and livestock producers globally.

TONISITY PX is not just another electrolyte solution composed of salt and sugar. This isotonic powder is carefully formulated to provide the right combination of key amino acids and micronutrients to hydrate and encourage the development of a highly functioning intestinal system. Isotonic means that it contains required molecules in the correct concentration to support the rapid absorption of nutrients, especially in the first week of life. 

It is based on an understand of the importance of intestinal health. Tonisity Px nourishes piglets’ intestines at a cellular level to improve productivity from the very beginning. TONISITY PXW WEANBETTER is a new, concentrated solution that is designed to be administered to weaning-age pigs through ordinary water lines.

Weaning can be a stressful time for pigs. If they don’t start drinking early, it can lead to weight loss, reduced growth and even mortality. Increased water intake correlates to increased feed intake and Tonisity PxW WeanBetter encourages pigs to drink more during the weaning transition. Tonisity PxW WeanBetter was carefully formulated to be a complementary product to Tonisity Px. Tonisity PxW WeanBetter works best when used with pigs that were previously exposed to Tonisity Px in farrowing, when they arrive in the nursery or grow/finish barn.

Christina Higgens breaks down what an isotonic drink for piglets is in the below article.

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