Westside Enterprises

who we are

About Us

At Westside, we source and distribute products that are supported by scientific research and backed by internationally respected suppliers. We pay careful attention to our product selection to ensure that we continually bring the best products to the animal feed industry and add value to the end user. In addition to our product offering and technical support, we also have an independent consulting service that helps us to provide in-depth technical support to our customers. 

Meet the Team

 we have more than 50-years of combined industry experience, understanding the dynamics, peculiar needs and challenges associated with animal nutrition and feed production.

Charles de Villiers

Managing Director

Dr. Heinri Spangenberg

Technical Director

Sharron Brouckaert

Operations Manager

Marisa Scheiflinger


Dr. Noélle Steyn

Technical Sales Consultant

Rentia Bredenkamp

Marketing Manager

Abigail Nel

Graphic Designer

what makes us different

What We Value

By providing the latest innovations in animal feed additives and ingredients supported by the best available technical expertise, we strive to be an enterprising industry leader.


Our company builds strong long-term relationships with its team, stakeholders and customers based on loyalty and trustworthiness.


At the core of our business, we place a high value on providing in-depth animal nutritional expertise applicable to local conditions.


We recognise the importance of independence of serving the whole South African Feed Industry independently, objectively and independently. It ensures that the customers’ needs remain the starting point.




We spend much time and resources on sourcing the latest and most effective and credible feed additives for our customers. Efficacy is proven by numerous trials and empirical research done at and by leading animal science institutions. Credibility comes with the backing of these additives by leading globally respected multi-national suppliers.


We strive to be responsive to enquiries and orders, adaptive to customer needs, flexible in purchase quantities, as well as maintain short lead times.


We focus our resources on only a few carefully selected new-generation feed additives. It enables us to provide our customers with high levels of personalised attention, in-depth technical support and after-sales services.

“There is substantial evidence that precision and science-based decisions in animal feeding represent a significant shift in how livestock farming is conducted today.”

Charles de Villiers

Managing Director