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A revolutionary phytogenic solution consisting of naturally extracted novel plant based functional ingredients. These ingredientes support specific physiological and metabolic processes in production animals. Fytera also enhances natural performance through supporting a healthy gut, optimal nutrient absorption, and reduction in chronic inflammation. It lowers systemic inflammation and improves host immunity by supporting the host’s natural defence mechanisms, making more energy available for production and growth. By encapsulating these plant extracts, delivery to the target organs is ensured, another unique asset for Selko Fytera products.

How Phytogenics really work

Fytera range

Phytogenics were introduced to animal nutrition decades ago with a specific objective: to find alternatives for the use of antibiotics as growth promotors.

Improve feed conversion in commercial broilers

with Fytera Perform

The combination of essential oils in Fytera Perform synergistically support nutrient utilisation and energy partitioning to enhance broiler performance.

Fytera Range

Product sheets

Fytera Start


Fytera Perform


Fytera General


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