If It Doesn’t Say Intellibond, It Isn’t!

“When it comes down to it, we’re all human. We respond to being treated well. We reject what’s fake or dishonest, and we are drawn to authenticity. It seems so easy, yet for many brands, it’s difficult to accomplish.”
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The Best Source of Hydroxy Trace Minerals

The innovative technology of hydroxy trace mineral’s introduction into Southern Africa starts with a global partnership. In 2011, Westside Enterprises met with Micronutrients USA, LLC (also known as Micronutrients) at a time of the development of a groundbreaking technology, namely hydroxy chloride trace minerals, called IntelliBond.

Seeing the potential of the new chemistry and production process, Westside secured the right of sole distributor in the Southern African markets. Since then, this relationship has grown from strength to strength, nearing the 10-year mark.

A Renewed Focus on Animal Nutrition  

The benefits of IntelliBond reach beyond what’s visible as it first operates on a molecular level before showing physical results. That said, the focus always remains clear: to provide animal nutrition that is high in trace minerals, like Copper, Manganese and Zinc. 

Behind IntelliBond Trace Minerals: A Partnership in Values

In 2015, SHV Holdings acquired Micronutrients to form part of Nutreco. Although the Dutch family-owned group employs over 50,000 people in 64 countries and has an annual turnover of €20bn, its core principles and “courage to care for generations to come” remain intact.

Among all the positive aspects of the partnership, integrity and trust are what Westside appreciates most. According to SHV Holdings, “integrity means being honest, genuine and totally open in communications about all matters which concern the company. Good news may travel slowly, [but] bad news should travel quickly. We trust our people to put their best effort into working for the company, its progress and achieving success within their capabilities and in line with our values.”

This is of particular significance as hydroxy trace minerals has been extensively researched, developed and validated by respected animal nutrition scientists and leading international institutions since the 1990s. As such, the production and use of IntelliBond align with SHV Holdings’ core ethical values. These guiding principles further underscore the authenticity of Intellibond as well as its reliability to deliver on its claims.

IntelliBond and the Benefits of Trace Minerals

The revolutionary chemistry of IntelliBond comes with numerous benefits, ranging from practical applications, like non-clumping, to stability and bio-efficacy. This article provides an overview of what makes IntelliBond such a unique, strong and dependable source of Copper, Manganese and Zinc in animal feed. It also draws attention to the indispensable role trace minerals play in the fertility, growth and health of animals.

Yet, providing minerals in the form of IntelliBond amounts to only approximately 0,75% of the cost of a high-performance feed. In the end, nutritional integrity is not worth compromising. Click the link below to find out more.

IntelliBond: the Best Source of Trace Minerals for Animal Nutrition

Hydroxy trace minerals are the newest, most technologically advanced form of trace minerals designed for use in animal feed. Read the summary of IntelliBond’s key characteristics that make it a unique and trustworthy source of animal nutrition.

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