Berno Hambrock’s (KZN) Testimonial on Tonisity’s Benefits for his Piglets

Berno Hambrock, Managing Director of Pinecone Forestry & Piggery, a 600-sow unit situated in the Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. Berno is a German Speaking South African who is passionate about genetics, animal breeding, and animal husbandry.

Berno says when he enters the piggery, his daily procedure begins with counting everything he can, to get a quick overview of the piggery, asking himself many questions: How many sows are starting to cycle? How many have been served? How many piglets were born alive and dead? How many sows still have to farrow? How many milk-able teats are there compared to the number of piglets? How many piglets will we be able to wean? How many pigs are ready to be marketed? How many sick pigs are there?

Second, he starts analyzing the figures to see where Pinecone Forestry & Piggery can improve on their efficiencies, like the FCR (feed conversion ratio) and makes improvements or adjustments. 

Third, Berno makes sure that all the systems are running as they are supposed to. Every employee has to give a full report on all the activities they are managing. Every activity in a piggery must happen on a specific date. Berno needs to ensure that the correct activity has happened on the correct date.

“My goal is to be efficient,” says Berno. “I want to give the pigs everything they need and to maximize their production without compromising their welfare. Health-wise, less medication versus more supplements (acids, probiotics and Production-wise), quality water, feed, housing, management equals optimum results. The pig’s behavior and body condition will tell ‘at one glance’ if something is not right.”

Says Berno, “Genetics, breeding pigs and analyzing the figures are what keeps me motivated every day, aside from my craving for bacon, spareribs and pork schnitzel! Progress in a piggery can be measured and monitored over a fairly short period of time compared to other animals. This is very exciting and it keeps me entertained.”

Tonisity Benefits for Pigs

Berno says that he loves many things about the industry, but especially how quickly the technology is changing and improving. He says many things have been simplified due to the improved application of technology. With incorporating Tonisity into the pigs’ diets, pigs are growing faster; feed conversion rations keep improving, and sow performance is gradually increasing. Technological improvements have been achieved in all areas of pork production: housing, vaccines, medication, bio-security, health, automation of ventilation, feeding, and waste water management.

Based on Berno’s case study, Tonisity’s benefits include the following:

  • Tonsitiy is an easy product to mix and feed to piglets.
  • Tonisity does not get sour and does not attract flies.
  • Piglets that drink Tonisity are much stronger with better immunity.
  • Mortality rates decreased from 14% to 9%, which leads to a 35% total improvement.

Other Facts of Pigs

In addition, Berno shares these fascinating pig facts: 
I. A pig can produce the most kilograms of meat per year of all farm animals (1 sow = 2.4 litter x11 weaned, sold at 85kg carcass = 2,244kg meat per sow per year).
II. The breeding cycle of a pig is 20 or 21 weeks, so your progress is very fast.
III. There are so many different products/dishes that you can make with pork meat.

Source: Benchmark 2019 | Spring Edition. Published by PIGCHAMP. A FARMS.COM COMPANY

Watch Berno Hambrock’s testimonial on the benefits of using Tonisity for his piglets.

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