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The Abilities of IntelliBond

Westside has been the sole distributor of IntelliBond for the Southern African region since 2011 – first on behalf of Micronutrients and since 2016 on behalf of Nutreco. As the regional partner of this leading global nutritional group, Westside has become a trusted provider of innovative,  new generation feed additives supported by nutritional consultancy services.

IntelliBond,  hydroxy trace minerals, has been certified and proven itself as a leading source of new generation trace minerals. Its unique ability to only become soluble once in an environment with a lower pH (<4) contributes to its capability to remain stable in the digestive tract and be released gradually.  Nutritional animal scientists  and leading global institutions are in agreement, that IntelliBond trace minerals can play a measurable part in improving production animal performance.

The Best Source of Trace Minerals

Trace minerals such as copper, manganese and zinc play an indispensable role in the wellbeing and production– especially their fertility, growth and health. With this in mind, IntelliBond provides an optimal supply of these trace minerals for poultry, pigs, cattle and sheep. Given the critical role that copper, manganese and zinc play in the performance of high producing animals, it is noteworthy that IntelliBond only represents a fraction of the total cost of high-performance feed. At approximately 0,5% to 0,75% of the cost, it offers nutritional integrity as an animal feed supplement without compromise.

The Ability of Intellibond Hodroxy Trace Minerals

Far beyond what the eye can see, IntelliBond works wonders. Providing nutrition for animals seldom comes at such a comprehensive scope. Owing to its stable bonds, IntelliBond’s bioavailability, solubility and palatability ensure a healthy intake of hydroxy trace minerals. Yet, its benefits extend to more areas listed below.

Continued Bioavailability Once Ingested

IntelliBond, is less reactive as it passes through the rumen to the small intestine, making it more readily available than sulphates. However, the mineral requirements of the animal will dictate trace mineral absorption, to maintain homeostasis. In other words, during times of increased mineral requirement absorption will be upregulated., IntelliBond, remains available for absorption in the gastrointestinal tract as it does not bind to antagonists while passing through.

Improved Solubility

To ensure a more stable release of trace minerals in the gastrointestinal tract, IntelliBond is more soluble in a low pH environment. This makes IntelliBond superior to sulphates, as it avoids negative interactions with potential antogonists in the rumen as the hydroxy trace minerals have a low solubility in the rumen/ruminal content/fluid

Stability of Hydroxy Trace Minerals

As IntelliBond, having covalent bonds, is less hygroscopic than other sources of trace minerals with ionic bonds like Copper and Zinc sulphate, making Intellilbond more stable during storage and handling, as it is more resistant to clumping.

Palatability Increases Nutrition for Animals

Studies for poultry, beef and swine have proven that when feeding a variety of mineral sources, they preferred IntelliBond.

Traceability from Production to Purchase

IntelliBond undergoes a thorough quality cycle to ensure reliability and traceability. The process includes, but is not limited to, analysis, monitoring, testing, assessments and validation before the product’s positive release.

Increased Digestibility of Trace Minerals

One of the greatest benefits of stable hydroxy trace minerals is their ability to increase non-detergent fibre digestibility. Compared to Zinc, Copper and Manganese sulphates, IntelliBond has a higher rate of apparent organic matter disappearance from rumen samples.

Animal Feed Nutrition Beyond Expectation

The bio-efficacy of IntelliBond comes from its revolutionary chemistry. As such it provides a reliable and unique source of Copper, Zinc and Manganese to the animal feed industry. The article below explores the benefits of IntelliBond trace minerals on a molecular level. Read on to learn more about IntelliBond’s bioavailability, solubility, stability, palatability, traceability and digestibility.

Abilities of IntelliBond

IntelliBond® comprises of six characteristics which makes IntelliBond distinctively unique. These six abilities include bioavailability, solubility, stability, palatability, traceability and digestibility.